Healthy Collaborations

Some relatively good news about health care, at least in Dreamtown USA:

A delegation from Buffalo, including leaders of its two major hospital systems, two leading insurers and others, was among of 15 groups invited last week to a Washington, D.C., seminar on local innovations for improving health care while controlling costs.

Days earlier, the head of a local group of Catholic physicians was invited to Washington to co-chair a similar event.

And it’s all because Buffalo insurers and health care providers initiated reform on their own years ago, long before Congress got around to it.

Seems Dreamtown’s Medicare costs (per patient and increases) are well below the national average. And people are taking notice.

“What we’re seeing in Buffalo is that we’re finding ways to work together,” Cropp said after his presentation. “A lot of communities are just sitting back and waiting.”

Sounds about right for the City of Good Neighbors.

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