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Fast Forward

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

Fast forward almost four months since my last post and voila! the National Preservation Conference has been here and gone and what did they see? Why, Dreamtown, of course.

And the early reviews are in:

“It’s the most wonderful city I’ve been to in a long time,” said Dieter Meyer, a Leesburg, Va., architect. “There’s great architecture there, but there’s really cool neighborhoods, like the Elmwood neighborhood and Allentown.”

“Everybody was overwhelmed by the great welcome that the citizens of Buffalo gave, and it wasn’t just the local preservationists who did that,” Crisafulli said. “It was taxi drivers who were well-versed in the history of the city, the wait staff who were so welcoming. Every touch was so well-executed here.”

The one disappointment was the weather which was unsettled, unlike today. I hope they stuck around for the weekend!