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JetBlue and Weather

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

I regularly fly between Dreamtown and New York on JetBlue. I can’t tell you how many times a pilot or flight attendant has felt the need to make some crack about Buffalo’s weather prior to departure from JFK. But they’ve never, ever made a remark heading to New York when the weather is worse there. And yes, it happens often.

But my last flight was a first. The pilot felt the need to make a crack about Buffalo’s weather being nice, adding the comment, “That doesn’t sound right, does it?” This after another day of crappy weather in New York, and on a flight that was four hours late.

So I had to send them a nasty-gram. They sent an appropriate response, but really, it’s kind of sad. You’d think a pilot would know better. Or maybe he just never noticed all the nice days and only remembered the snowy ones. But it’s time to pay attention! Oh, and it was really nice again today, and will be even nicer tomorrow. See what I mean?

In fact, there was an opinion piece in today’s News about the annual convention of the American Solar Energy Society being held here in May. The piece lists a number of the area’s notable green energy projects, and also mentions:

One of Buffalo’s best-kept secrets is the fact that we have more sunny days from May through September than any other city in the Northeast—a factor that helped, along with combined efforts by organizers and the Buffalo Niagara Convention& Visitors Bureau, to bring the intercollegiate “Solar Splash” solar/electric boat competition to Delaware Park’s Hoyt Lake five years in a row.

Read it and learn, JetBlue pilot!

We’re #1: The Arts

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

American Style magazine’s readers have ranked Dreamtown as the #1 mid-size city arts destination. I especially like the phrase “rising giants like Buffalo, N.Y.”