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Aerospace Museum Open in HSBC

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

More on the Ira Gross Aerospace Museum relocating from Niagara Falls to Buffalo. It’s now open temporarily in the HSBC Arena.

There is speculation they’ll try to move it into the DL&W Terminal. A long-shot, perhaps, but that would be really cool.

Out and About

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

Finally got downtown to the Canal Harbor project (needs a catchy name). It’s kind of nice. We were there late so there were no goings-on and the naval park was closed, but the site itself is nicely done. Kind of reminds me of Old Town Alexandria, but without all the restaurants and shops and stuff that will hopefully be sprouting up.

One thing’s for sure: anyone who doesn’t think the Skyway should come down need only visit the site. That thing is awful. Getting rid of it might make room for the Aviation Museum, which is apparently still looking for a home and it would be a nice fit down there.

Also visited Frank Lloyd Wright’s Graycliff (which is a short drive from downtown) and his Heath House right in the city (where you’ll also find the Darwin Martin house–see them all here).

So much to see in Dreamtown USA.